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Posted on September 27, 2012 by sjapalucci on FAQ

How should I prepare?

Bring your ID, no matter how old you are

If you’re underage, but your state allows tattooing minors, make sure you know what paperwork is required. Some places need birth certificates or notarized forms. A phone call to your shop should answer those questions.

When filling out paperwork, be very honest.

And thorough with allergies and health concerns. These questions are there to protect you. If you have a latex or shellfish allergy, these are particularly important. (A&D ointment, which many artists use, contains shellfish-derived ingredients) Write down anything pertinent on your form and then remind your artist once you get in the room. Better to be thorough.

Read your aftercare pamphlet thoroughly

That way, if you have questions, you can ask when have your session

Eat something before your session

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen pass out just because they were too nervous to eat before. Getting work done is a very tedious workout on your body and it needs fuel for a big session. Maybe bring a soda or Powerade sports drink along with you. Mountain Dew or something sugary wouldn’t be a bad idea. With food and sugar in your belly, your blood sugar will thicken your blood and it will:

  • Bleed Less
  • Clot Faster
  • Lessen the pain

If you’re getting colors, make sure you take a look at them

If you can’t really tell what the colors are in the ink cups, ask them to dab a little on their glove or a paper towel so that you can see them better. Don’t feel bad for asking to see all the colors. It’s your tattoo!

Try to sit as still as possible

It’s like being at the dentist, they know you’re not having fun, but it’ll go faster and easier if you cooperate. If you keep wiggling around, the tattoo artist will have a harder time working on you and won’t be very happy.

If you need a break, ask for one

It isn’t a tough-guy competition, it’s ok if you just need to stretch, get some water, or take a breather. If you have to pee, ask to go. It’s really hard to sit still when you have to pee.


People have a bad habit of holding their breath when things hurt. Holding your breath makes it really easy for you to pass out. Meditative breathing (in through your nose/out through your mouth) or deep, slow breathing can help you calm down and feel better too.

If you feel sick, tell your artist!

They don’t want you throwing up or passing out any more than you do. Better to just take a break. It doesn’t mean you’re a sissy, just human.